AMANO electric motorcycle, 4,000 watts, 140 km/h, 150-200 km/charge, charge

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AMANO electric motorcycle, 4,000 watts, 140 km/h, 150-200 km/charge, charge

AMANO #Thai electric motorcycle, Thai brand ALENDA-DARKON The latest model, 4,000 watts, 140 km / h, 150-200 km / fully charged AC cabinet 2-3 hours.

- Powerful, fast, fun to drive, suitable for teenagers
- Can make long distance per charge
- Modern design, lightweight
- Perfect size for Thai people to drive agilely
- Brushless wheel hub motor: 4,000 watts, top speed: 140 km/h, 150-200 km/charge.
- Lithium-ion sulfate battery: 72V60Ah, 1 Charging C-Rate, supports fast charging, charging time: 22kW AC Type-2 charging station, 2-3 hours, and charging with Type-2 charger.
- Anti-theft remote key, front and rear brakes: disc brakes, tire size: 14"x 5 inches
- The weight of the car is only 90 kg. can support the weight of 150-200 kg.
- Material: Steel and Plastic Capacity climb ≤20°
- Under the seat storage - a helmet
- Suitable for running on highways with high speed, long distance, across Bangkok
- Designed by Thai craftsmen Parts made in Thailand
- In process of registration It will be released in the beginning of 65

Starting price 98,000 baht.

Think at the electricity bill for 1 unit or 1 kWh at 2.63 baht/unit if the electricity bill is used for about 500 baht per month for different capacity batteries. How many baht does a full charge consume? It is calculated as follows:

72V60Ah, 10 baht

Therefore, AMANO at 70 km / h continuously can run 200 km, the electricity cost is reduced by 5 satang / km. It is considered very cheap because a normal petrol car is 50 satang / km. It is 10 times more economical.

Additional options:
1) Tune, change the box, increase the speed of 3,000 baht. Accelerate up to 150 km / h.
2) Install a 2 kW fast charger, 2 kg. Type-2 added, charge at the charging station 10-80% within 40 minutes: 9,000 baht.
2) Install a 4 kW 5 kg fast charger, Type-2 added, charge at the charging station 10-80% within 30 minutes: 12,000 baht.

AMANO มอเตอรไซคไฟฟา ความเรวสง สญชาตไทย 16

AMANO มอเตอรไซคไฟฟา ความเรวสง สญชาตไทย 5

กล่องควบคุม คันเร่ง ดุมล้อมอเตอร์

ดมลอ มอเตอร มอเตอรไซคไฟฟา
มอเตอร์ดุมล้อ 4,000 วัตต์ ที่ใช้จริง ล้อหลังหน้ากว้าง

เรือนไมค์แบบละเอียด 3 ตัวเลขดิจิตอล

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