CUBE-i electric motorcycle 1000 watts 50 km/h 60 km/charge

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29,000 Baht
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CUBE-i electric motorcycle 1000 watts 50 km/h 60 km/charge

  • Motor power: 1000 W Max speed: 45-50 km/h 60 km/charge
  • Battery: 60V20AH Battery type: Lead-acid Charging time 6-8 hrs. It is recommended to charge at night and use Timer to set the auto-off timer at 8 hours. Caution: Do not leave it charged overnight as it will damage the battery. swollen
  • Anti-theft remote key, brakes: front: disc, rear: drum, tire size: 10" x 3".
  • Vehicle dimensions: 170x72x129 cm, wheelbase 1,150 mm, weight 90 kg, load 150 kg.
  • Material: Steel and Plastic Capacity climb ≤20°
  • Fully charged for only 5 baht, suitable for running in the village in the alley. or buy something close to home

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