JAZZY Electric Motorcycle 2,000 Watts 70-80 Km/H 80 Km/Charge

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JAZZY Electric Motorcycle 2,000 Watts 70-80 Km/H 180-200 Km/Charge


- Set including case, carrying case, removable battery, rechargeable lithium battery 72V20AH (only battery 12,000 baht), battery can be upgraded to 72V30AH (only battery 19,000 baht), price of the car Only 34,000 baht.
- Motor power 2,000 watts, maximum speed 70-80 km/h, one charge can travel 180 km/charge, body weight 90 kg.
- Registered, can charge at home for 6 hours. Buy additional fast charger 3-4 hours. We are making a 30-minute fast charge at the charging station. The battery can be charged 800-1,000 times.
- We have tried to solve the problem. Electric motorcycles in terms of price, distance per charge and fast charging In order to be equal and better, it will replace the oil type, solving the problem of trade deficit due to oil imports and environmental pollution.
- It is a model whose specifications are similar to petrol motorcycles. but cheaper
- is new innovation
- can pay installment
- Disc brakes, can carry weight 200 kg.
- Tires: Front F130/60-10 Rear 130/60-10
- 3 speeds, mic housing, LCD dial
- Electricity charge 10 baht/charge 0.06 baht/km, 10 times more economical than petrol

This JAZZY & Cube-2 electric motorcycle, when it comes to saving 6 satang/km, if the Honda petrol motorcycle actually tested it, the Scoopy-i model at a speed of 60-70 km/bit is 60 satang/km. If you drive 40 km per day for a total of 1,000 days or charge 1,000 times, the battery will deteriorate. Yes, you can save on fuel costs 21,600 baht. Each battery is 13,000 baht. Therefore, net savings = 8,600 baht.

Normal house electricity cost 1 unit = 1 kWh
4 baht per unit
JAZZY car battery capacity: 72V55Ah = 3.96 kWh
Therefore, fully charge the battery 3.96 kWh x 4 baht/kWh = slightly less than 15.84 baht.
Charge 1 time, can run 150 km., fall 15.84 baht/150 km. = 0.1 baht/km.
On the other hand, a 1 baht/km petrol motorcycle is 10 times more economical.
Assuming to charge every day, use 100 km per day for 1 year, you can save 32,850 baht.
1 battery, price 18,000 baht, can be charged 800-1000 times, is 2.5-3 years, but will continue to use, but the speed and distance are reduced to 60%
2 years replace new battery It's a lot of money left over.

JAZZY มอเตอรไซคไฟฟา 4

JAZZY มอเตอรไซคไฟฟา 3

มอเตอรไซคไฟฟา ชารจเรว ทสถานชารจ 2

Model JAZZY specification, speed 70 km/h, 120 km/charge, can be equipped with additional fast charging options. Make it possible to charge at the charging station for 45 minutes, full or 20 minutes, 80%. This innovation will change from fossil fuels. go to electric mode
Pay rate 1 hour 50 baht, can run 120 km. = 2.4 km/baht. If charging the house only 5 baht full, but a full tank Honda Scoopy-i motorbike is 60 baht, can run only 90 km. = 1.5 km/baht. Considered to be more economical
But the future for charging stations EA, the next electricity cost will be at the unit (1 kWh each) 5.5-6.5 baht, meaning full charge only 10 baht or 12 km/baht, or only some places keep it as a parking space instead.
Next time, make it 10-15 minutes faster, 80% don't have to wait too long.

Additional options:
1) Tune, change the box, increase the speed of 3,000 baht, speed up to 94 km / h.
2) Attach a 2 kW fast charger, 2 kg. Type-2 added, charge at the charging station 10-80% within 30 minutes: 9,000 baht.
3) Install a 4 kW fast charger, 5 kg. Type-2 added, charge at the charging station 10-80% within 20 minutes: 12,000 baht.
4) Depending on the type of battery you choose, if our brand, ALENDA, Pounch cell type, can charge 3,000 cycles, that is, if you charge it every day for 10 years, it will only fall at 80% or just 20% deteriorates. Increase your budget. 5,000 baht

มอเตอรไซคไฟฟา ชารจเรว ทสถานชารจ 3

มอเตอรไซคไฟฟา ชารจเรว ทสถานชารจ 5

มอเตอรไซคไฟฟา ชารจเรว ทสถานชารจ 6 

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มอเตอรไซคไฟฟา ชารจเรว ทสถานชารจ 1

It is used to charge this motorcycle with a 1500 watt motor, in just 1 hour it is full, but it must be used with a non-standard socket. But it's a good thick wire as in the picture.




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