ZHOPPER Concept 3,000W high speed long range 140 km/h, 300-500 km/charge, quick charge 1 hr

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Zhopper Concept, electric big bike, 3,000 watts, 140 km/h, 300 km/charge

Registered model, prototype ZHOPPER mini bigbike motorcycle, electric 3,000 watts, 140 km/h, 300-500 km/charge, can fast charge 1 hr, can go all over Thailand.

- Classic Vintage style #high speed vehicles, strong twisting, fast overtaking, able to cross provinces long distances.
- 96V150Ah lithium battery, rechargeable, can run long distances, can cross Bangkok, can run 300 km per charge, depending on speed
- From preliminary mileage calculations:
 140 km/h, can 300 km/charge
 100 km/h, can 350 km/charge
   70 km/h, can 500 km/charge
   40-50 km/h, can 600 km/charge
- Added charger at charging stations all over Bangkok, able to charge AC Type-2 from 10->80% at charging stations, takes 1.5 hours.
- TIS tires, front 110/70-17", rear 130/70-17"
- Parts made in Thailand by 100% Thai technicians, Dako team

Prototype development done, but decoration is not complete Waiting cutomers order for adjustment, battery box, waiting for aluminum casting, beautiful pattern, etc. to look premium

But the registration has been done, ready for sale now. Colors and decorations to be beautiful as per order.

The starting price is 149,000 THB, including VAT. 

Why is it expensive? Because the cost of the battery pack 92V150Ah, 60 kg, is already 80,000 baht. Motor set + control box 3-4  thousand THB.

Additional options:

1) Depending on the type of battery chosen, if our brand, ALENDA, Pounch cell type, can charge 3,000 cycles, that is, if you charge it every day for 10 years, it will only fall at 80%, add another 20,000 baht to your budget.
2) Increase the battery to be larger to 96V200Ah, can run 500 km/charge at a continuous speed of 120 km/charge, add another 30,000 baht to the budget.
2) Install OBC charger + Type-2 charger, size 3.3 kW, weight 6 kg, behind the battery box Make it possible to charge at the charging station from 10->80%, take 3 hours, add another 1.3 thousand baht.
3) Install OBC charger + Type-2 charger, size 6.6 kW, weight 12 kg, behind the battery box makes it possible to charge at the charging station from 10->80%, takes 1.5 hr, add another 2.5 thousand baht
4) Install OBC charger + Type-2 charger, size 8 kW, weight 16 kg, behind the battery box makes it possible to charge at the charging station from 10->80%, takes 1 hr, adds another 30,000 baht
5) Stick to the front wind against the chest. Make you not tired when sitting for a long time, add 3,000 baht.
6) Anti-fall steel plate Passenger back seat 1,500 baht.
7) Sound synthesizer generator, to make the engine noise like a petrol motorcycle high speed driving. This to make other cars hear. Increase safety, add an additional 3,500 baht.
8) Equipped with ABS brake system on both front and rear wheels. Brakes with more confident and safer, increase the budget 12,000 THB.

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