Question: How to order?
A: You should come for a test drive and buy at the store. or if you don't come Other provinces, transfer, pay for the product, including shipping. But this way will deliver the goods to you. We do not accept returns in any case.

Question: Where is the storefront?
Answer: It is located at 61 Moo 14, Soi Bang Phrom 41, Bang Phrom Subdistrict, Taling Chan District, Bangkok. 10170, from Ratchaphruek Road Enter Bang Phrom Road, before reaching Soi Bang Phrom 41, on the left is a warehouse behind PAKISTAN EXPOCENTER, opposite PTT gas station. The shop is open Monday-Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Please make an appointment in advance before viewing-purchase. or in your mobile, type and you will arrive

Question: Where is it made?
Answer: Assembled in Thailand, some in China. Products have been selected from the factory with good quality.

Question: How much is the delivery fee?
A: It depends on the distance.

Question: Can I pay in installments? Can I use a credit card?
Answer: In front of the shop at Bang Phrom 41, there is a card swipe machine or if you want to pay installment, customers can apply for an installment card at Krungsri First Choice counter. and bring the card to us to do the matter Once approved, you can leave the car.

Question: I saw the customer. I was in the dormitory. Asked if there was a cheap tricycle that can be charged with removable batteries. Can this be done? All models of tricycles but need to special order:


1) Price for a removable lithium battery 48V22Ah, light only 5 kg, price 8,000 baht, charging time 6 hours, full charge 800 times.
2) In the case of 4 original lead batteries, weighing up to 20 kg, non-removable, 1,400 baht x4 = 5,600 baht, charging time 8 hours, can be recharged 600 times.

Question: How many hours does it take to charge and how far can you run?
Answer: Most electric cars take 6-8 hours to charge, so they are full. They can run a distance of 30-40 km. Do it like a mobile phone before going to bed, charging and waking up to a full battery, then remove it.

Question: How do you insure if you lose something? If damaged, do you have spare parts and how to fix it?

A: Warranty only for motor 1 year, battery 6 months, other parts are not guaranteed. The one that will lose often is The battery can be recharged 600 times, if charged every day, it can be used for almost 2 years. If not charged every day, the battery is 3-5 years old, the rest is not damaged at all, the motor is 10 years old, it is not broken. All spare parts are available. Yes, but it may take 3-4 weeks if the warranty is expired. Within Bangkok and the surrounding area, wages and travel expenses 1,500-2,000 baht.

Question: Safety? Is it a shock? Is it an explosion? Is it a fire? Is it waterproof?
A: The lights are not shocking. Because it is a low voltage DC power, the battery does not explode because it is a dry lead type. Wade through water on wheels The battery is lead-acid, this type of battery has never had a problem with explosions. The car is waterproof except for the electronic control box.

Question: Precautions for using the train?
1. Turn on the key switch. only when sitting and ready to leave the body only. Do not push the car while opening the key. Because the hand will accidentally twist the accelerator, causing the car to snatch, the car overturned, the injured person, and before getting out of the car Always turn off the key.
2. Electric trains if not used for a long time need to charge the battery Once a month to full It's an incentive to stay in good shape. Because if left for 3-4 months without charging at all If it's a lead-acid battery, it will deteriorate and break. Because there will be a solid sulfate powder (Sulfate Solid) to stick to the element plate, the battery cannot react.
3. Charge the battery only 6-8 hours. full, then unplug the charger if it stays longer or plugged in overnight for several days This will cause the battery to become hot, deteriorate faster, and shorten its lifespan.
4. If the battery is dry or lead acid or lead acid, the battery should be charged frequently immediately after use. will increase the battery life to last longer Do not use until almost all the time, such as lead acid batteries, use up to 70% power, then charge immediately every time. Will be able to charge 1000 times if the power is exhausted by 50%, then charge immediately every time Will be able to charge 600 times, but if used up, only 20% power left, then charge immediately every time can be recharged only 400 times

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