How electric motorcycles are better than petrol ones?

How electric motorcycles are better than petrol ones?

1. Use products that people think and #made in the country
2. Pay attention to the environment #do not release toxic cars #do not destroy your health and others, people in the city are healthier fresh air does not cause global warming to change
3. Be economical because #electric motorcycles are 10 times more economical than petrol, helping families Make it more stable, assuming that if using a petrol car 500 baht per month refueling, but if using the train Running in the same distance. Electricity cost is only 50 baht. If you use more, you will save. As for the battery, it can be used for up to 2-5 years. The lead battery can be charged 600 times. If used daily for 600 days, it is 1.6 years, so it is replaced at 1,200 baht per child. A car has 4 batteries, the price is 4,800. baht

Comparison of expenses within 1.5 years, assuming a lot of use, travel to and from work every day, 20 km away from home, 40 km round trip total.

Petrol Motorcycles Electric Motorcycles
1.1 baht/km. 5 baht/charge 40 km. = 0.125 baht/km.
44 baht/day 5 baht/day
1,320 baht/month 150 baht/month
15,840 baht/year 1,800 baht/year
23,760 baht/year and a half 2,700 baht/year and a half
Engine oil 500 baht, battery replacement 4,800 baht.
Total 24,260 baht Total 7,500 baht

Therefore, within 1.5 years, you can save 24,260-7,500 = 16,760 baht.

4. Help the country #no oil import, no trade deficit keep money in the country (Currently, the country has to import more than 1 million baht of oil. Thailand has a trade deficit because of this problem the most), making the country richer and more stable.
5. Do not make noise while driving, disturbing others #no noise pollution because Electric motorcycles are very quiet.
6. #Not driving fast, not illegal. Do not put yourself in danger because #electric motorcycles are not designed to be high speed. therefore safer
7. #Low maintenance cost no need to add engine oil like a normal oil engine
8. #No part is hot hot engine every part is cool Harmless to the touch, for example, the engine muffler, the oil is hot, the legs tend to get hit, causing blistering.
9. #Higher efficiency oil engine because electrical energy is transferred to the motor only
10. Can be used in conjunction with other alternative sources of electricity, such as #electricity from solar panels #windmills, water, sea waves, more diverse. which is a truly sustainable energy source
11. Able to run through the flood all electric wheels because it is designed to be waterproof The whole car drowned while the motorcycle couldn't make it. because the flooded engine will knock
12. More durable. If comparing the small parts such as taillights, headlights, brakes, tires are the same, but different that electric trains have motors, which are longer than 10 years, will not break while the engine requires frequent maintenance, 4-5. need to start repairing

In summary, electric motorcycles are better than petrol cars, except for not going very far and will need to be charged often. Suitable for going to the market, buying, and driving around the house because it will save a lot. If used in conjunction with a solar panel (Now it's cheap) with it will be very clean energy. The country does not have to import oil with a trade deficit. and does not cause pollution


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